I haven’t heard back?

Please note that we only respond if we have decided to award a grant and that it is generally not possible for us to discuss applications with callers.

The amount of time for a grant to be made, from the date of receiving the grant, is up to 4 weeks. If you have not heard back within this time frame, then unfortunately your application will have been unsuccessful.

  • If you applied as an individual, we are unlikely to be able to accept your application. You should always apply via a local authority, another charitable organisation or an organisation such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.
  • Please also read the ‘How to Apply‘ page to ensure that future applications are written in the way that would be most helpful to us.
  • Did you enclose our consent form signed or ticked, to allow us to handle your client’s personal data? Without this, unless the application was anonymized, we cannot consider and it will be destroyed for data security. It would greatly help if you mark the front of your envelope “CONSENT” to show that this has been enclosed or “ANON” to show anonymized.

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