Who is Eligible?

We assist individuals in the UK of small means who the trustees consider to be deserving and may be described as “going short”. From time to time, we also assist other charities with similar objectives to our own.

In general, the relief of poverty includes grants for education, health, housing, disablement or disability.

Guidance as to the application of grants for relief of ‘poverty’ can be found from the Charity Commission of England and Wales, and the trustees pay careful heed to the commissioners’ modern definition of ‘poor’.

NB. Due to a recently introduced reporting requirement from HMRC, only applications stating tax residence of beneficiaries can be considered. We are required to identify the territory in which beneficiaries are resident. If UK tax resident, please say so in a prominent position on the application. If not UK tax resident, please state where tax resident, provide tax identification number or functional equivalent, date of birth, and address in a prominent position on the application. Beneficiaries must be made aware that we are obliged to pass these details to HMRC without restriction on use of the data.

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