How to Apply

Applications should be made on behalf of individuals by a local authority, another charitable organisation or a non-profit organisation such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Please remember to enclose the consent form provided, signed or ticked by your client, so that we can handle your client’s personal data. This should detail when and how obtained. It would greatly help if you mark the front of your envelope “Consent” to show that this has been enclosed.

Please download the Talisman Consent Form  for your applicant to sign – OR carefully anonymize all client data and mark your envelope “ANON”

In addition, as a minimum, all applications should include:

  • The full name and address of the beneficiary – if this including all enclosures is fully anonymized and replaced by a unique code we may not require a consent form. please mark the front of your envelope “ANON”.
  • An idea of their financial circumstances;
  • A brief history of the case;
  • An explanation of what is needed and the extent to which “poverty” is involved;
  • An estimate of the funds required and payee details – remember that we usually prefer to pay the organisation supporting the application who will then oversee correct use of any grant.
  • A list of other charities approached (if any).

You can help us make a decision by also providing the following information – anonymized if no consent form is being enclosed.

  • For medical issues, supporting medical documentation
  • For building work, appropriate quotes;
  • For educational requirements, supporting documentation from e.g. a school;
  • Information on other assistance the beneficiary may be receiving.

Applications should be completed and submitted by post to the address below.

Please also note the following before sending your application to us:

  • We cannot accept applications made by recorded delivery or “signed for” services.
  • Please do not include any original documentation, as it cannot be returned to you and will be securely destroyed.
  • We only respond if we have decided to award a grant and that it is generally not possible for us to discuss applications with callers.

The address to write to is as follows:

The Talisman Charitable Trust
Basement Office
354 Kennington Road
SE11 4LD


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